Bart Spanhove


saxophone suzanne

Artist: Susanne Schabel


Instagram-Account: susanne_schnabel_artist

At my father’s funeral, our sons played a fascinating, precious jewel of captivating music that sent shivers down my spine. I was overwhelmed by the tenor saxophone’s dark and profoundly deep tones conjuring up a charming and calm atmosphere: no drama, just serenity, sweet memories, fluffy snow, fragile vulnerability, infinity, timelessness creating numerous possibilities and contrasting expressions: brash, angelic, melodic, and percussive.

The next day, I decided to start practising the saxophone. The magic power of the saxophone made me happy. Unlike the recorder, which is still my favourite instrument, I could discover new paths of expression, colours and language.

With the help of two excellent coaches, I’m practising daily. I experience these hours as “Sternstunden” (German): moments that simultaneously leave you empty and full. I cherish the saxophone! One day I hope to announce my first concert with this instrument.